New Requirements For Your Business

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The rules are changing for businesses. New climate reporting standards are coming into effect in the EU, UK and USA. The EU CSRD and ISSB create obligations to demonstrate corporate climate knowledge. Organisations will need to report what your company has done and will do in the future to improve staff climate awareness. Training is becoming a regulated requirement.

On-Demand Training

Our course can be taken at any time, in any location with internet access. Designed as a 1/2 day power course with bonus readings, it provides a foundation across an organisation to deliver on Climate Disclosure.

  • This course provides quantitative proof of training, for disclosures required by the EU CSRD and the ISSB.

  • Upon completion, a Course Certificate is issued, as proof of professional development.

  • Course completion rates can be tracked, to build training statistics.

Questions this course will answer

  • What is Climate Disclosure?

    What does the term Climate Disclosure mean? Who is asking for it and why? What does it mean for your business and how are the rules changing?

  • What is a GHG Inventory?

    What steps does your business need to follow to measure, categorize and report your greenhouse gas emissions?

  • How do we build and communicate our Climate Strategy?

    What do the phrases Net Zero and Carbon Neutral mean? What role do carbon credits play? What is the difference between mandatory and voluntary reporting? What is Climate Risk and Opportunity assessment?

Course curriculum

    1. Climate Disclosure - A Business Requirement all employees should be aware of

    2. This Course Will Help Companies Meet Regulated Compliance Needs

    3. Optional Readings - Important Changes

    1. Welcome

    2. Who is this Course for?

    3. What to Expect in this Course

    4. Who is ERCE?

    5. About the Instructors

    6. Student Survey #1

    7. Disclaimer

    1. The "Alphabet Soup" of Sustainability

    2. Abbreviations Cheat Sheet

    3. Jargon Buster

    4. More Acronyms At a Glance

    5. Optional Readings - Climate Organisations

    1. 1.1 Climate Dislosure Roadmap

    2. 1.2 Origin of the Phrase "Climate Disclosure"

    3. 1.2.1 Optional Reading - CDSB

    4. 1.3 What does Climate Disclosure Mean for Companies?

    5. 1.4 Why is Climate Disclosure Needed?

    6. 1.5 Who are the Stakeholders asking for Climate Disclosure

    7. 1.6 Required Readings

    8. 1.7 Optional Reading - Climate Lawsuits

    9. Module 1 - Open Book Quiz

    10. Student Survey #2

    1. 2.1 GHG Emissions and Corporations

    2. 2.2 GHG Inventory - A communication tool

    3. 2.3 What comprises a GHG Inventory?

    4. 2.3.1 GHG Inventory - Visual Summary

    5. 2.4 Emission Types, GWPs, and Boundaries

    6. 2.4.1 Optional Reading - More about different Greenhouse Gases

    7. 2.5 Categorising GHG Emissions

    8. 2.5.1 Optional Reading - Classifying Emissions

    9. 2.6 Example #1: Classifying Sources of Emissions

    10. 2.7 Example #2: Company 'X' and emissions estimates

    11. 2.8 Choosing an Emissions Standard

    12. 2.9 Optional Reading - Example of Reports, Inventories and Strategy Documents

    13. 2.10 Optional Reading - GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 and Emissions Tools

    14. Module 2 - Open Book Quiz

    15. Student Survey #3

    1. 3.1 Backgound for Businesses

    2. 3.2 Mark Carney - Investing in Net Zero

    3. 3.3 Different Rules around the world

    4. 3.4 Are you a Listed or Private Company?

    5. 3.5 Moving from Voluntary to Regulated Disclosure

    6. 3.6 Required Reading - Reporting Rule Initiatives

    7. 3.7 Demystifying Climate Disclosure

    8. 3.8 Required Reading - Double Materiality

    9. 3.9 Optional Reading - Climate Disclosure Rules

    10. Module 3 - Open Book Quiz

    11. Student Survey #4

About this course

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  • Complete at your own pace
  • Approximately 4 hours of lessons

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